Ludovic VINCENT, co-founder of Biomede, was recently interviewed by the Lyon channel TLM – Télé Lyon Métropole at the incubator of EM Lyon Business School. You will find in this video: his project, his ambitions, his strategies but also and above all the human adventure that derives from Biomede.

Concretely when did this adventure begin ?

It began in March 2018 with the creation of SAS Biomede in the field of phyto-extraction, that is to say the soil remediation by plants.

In what context did you create this company?

I have experience in research centers in France and internationally on soil treatment using natural means (micro-organisms or plants). This is an important need since 30% of agricultural soils in Europe are contaminated by heavy metals and it is a problem that is not well enough dealt with at the moment and on which we would like to provide solutions.

What solutions will Biomede bring to this market? What is the innovation?

A mixture of plants is used to extract the heavy metals from the soil in a natural way without degrading the soil. Then we just have to remove the plants to extract the heavy metals. The interest is to provide a simple and practical solution that will help clean up all soils, including agricultural.

Where are you in the evolution of Biomede? And what are your daily challenges?

The main challenge, when we innovate, is to be able to make our solution known and adopted by our customers. The aim is to make them understand the importance of soil preservation and regeneration and the removal of these metals, which can be bad for health and for production.

What are the key figures of Biomede?

Biomede is first and foremost three labels and laureate of 7 national awards including “innovating for a changing world” of CIC, “nourishing the future” of InVivo and the Lyon Start-Up prize. It is also 800 million plant seeds planted and 5 territories in France and soon internationally.

How do you live this entrepreneurial adventure?

The adventure is the right word to describe Biomede, because one must have the taste of the risk, but also the will to want to change the future and to be able to bring new solutions on problems where one has for the moment little solutions.

What are the future objectives of Biomede?

When one is an entrepreneur, one always tries to have an optimistic vision, so the objectives for Biomede are also optimistic. We hope to make known and deploy our solution to many customers, including through the media and finally have more and more reach to the world.

What are your customers today?

We are working with innovative farmers who want to cultivate excellence, that is to say, they go even further than our solution because they try to remove as many potentially harmful elements as possible to produce the best quality possible.

So this is an innovation that we will be able to deploy in France, but also internationally? Do you have competitors?

So no, as we are a global innovation for the moment we have few competitors in our field. Deploying internationally is one of our future goals.

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