Heavy metals, this invisible pollution!

Nobody knows the real history of the land he cultivates, and even less so in urban areas. Old agricultural lands, former industrial wastelands, these soils that today serve as a shared garden.

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Phytoextraction, an innovative solution for soil remediation

It took 200 years of industrialization for man to pollute the earth sustainably. Discover phyto-extraction, this gentle solution for your floors.

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What is phytoremediation?

In France, 80% of soils are contaminated, particularly with heavy metals. Contaminated soil significantly slows the growth of plants.

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Testimonial: Chateau Smith Haut Lafitte

Everything comes from the earth. At Chateau Smith Haut Lafitte we act in the vineyards as in the cellars to respect nature and protect the biodiversity of the vineyard.

Interview Ludovic VINCENT – Biomede by TLM

Ludovic VINCENT, co-founder of Biomede, was recently interviewed by the Lyon channel TLM – Télé Lyon Métropole at the incubator of EM Lyon Business School. You will find in this video, everything about Biomede: his project, his ambitions, his strategies but also and especially the human adventure that comes from Biomede.

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Back to VivaTech 2018

Last May, BIOMEDE was present at VivaTech, one of the biggest events dedicated to technological innovation and start-ups. The Auvergne Rhône-Alpes region has therefore decided to question Ludovic VINCENT, co-founder of BIOMEDE, about his start-up, his innovation and his projects.

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Customer Testimonial: Maison Jean Loron

Every year, the search for the vital balance of the vine is a quest. It oscillates between innovative methods in restructured vineyards, and tradition in very old vines known, always in an ecosystem where biodiversity is favored.

Associative gardens, good or bad ?

For some time, consumers have become aware of the impact of their lifestyle on our environment and their daily lives. It is partly from this awareness that associative gardens, also known as shared family gardens, were born.

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Biomede at the International Forum of Agriculture

On 27 and 28 June 2019, the second Planet A® Forum will be held in Châlons-en-Champagne.
This Planet A® international forum brings together experts, professionals and international decision-makers to discuss the future of agriculture.

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Copper and its effect on soil life

Copper is a very common metal that is naturally present in the environment: it is therefore necessary for biodiversity. Moreover, for several decades, men themselves have used it immensely in their activities.

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Indicator plants, soil diagnostic tool

The use of plants as an indicator of soil has begun since antiquity. The ecological requirements of plants mean that some species adapt to certain environments rather than others.

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